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Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)
Recipients for 2004

In this fourth year of the ASPB Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program, eight students have been selected to receive $3,000 grants to conduct independent investigations during the summer of 2004. They will then present their research at the 2005 ASPB annual meeting to be held in Seattle, Washington. The students' mentors receive an additional $500 toward supplies and materials.

There were 28 Category A (Research and Doctoral Universities) applicants and 17 Category B (Masters Universities, Baccalaureate Colleges and Associate of Arts Colleges) applicants for a total of 45 qualified applicants. The reviewers were impressed by the high quality of the applicants' projects and the commitment of all the students and their mentors to their ongoing research.

This program was once again co-chaired by Jon Monroe, James Madison University, and Mark Brodl, Trinity University. The co-chairs express their appreciation to the ASPB Executive Committee for providing ASPB Good Works Funds to support the fellowship program and to the reviewers who contributed many hours.

Students and mentors will want to keep an eye on the ASPB home page, starting in December 2004, for the next SURF announcement.

Zafia Anklesaria, University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill
Project: Genetic Dissection of Signaling Hierarchy in Arabidopsis Disease Resistance
Mentor: Jeff Dangl
I am thrilled that I have received the ASPB fellowship and that I will be working on this challenging and exciting project this summer. I am sure this opportunity will be a valuable learning experience for me, and I hope to be enriched even more by all the extraordinarily intelligent people that work beside me in Jeff Dangl's lab. Thank you for choosing me to be one of the recipients of such an honor. I am looking forward to presenting my work at the ASPB conference next year.

Carolina Russo Dallett, University Of California, Berkeley
Project: Functionally important regions of DEMETER in gene transcription
Mentor: Robert L. Fischer
In pursuit of my goals, I never thought I would be given such opportunity as the one I have encountered; to conduct plant genetics research on a topic I find to be fundamental. The ASPB Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship will make it possible for me to spend this summer doing work relevant in preparation for graduate school as well as it gives me the opportunity to spend more time in the lab. Much thanks to the ASPB and to my mentors for all their support.

William E. Draper, Reed College
Project: Heterologous Expression of Nodule Specific GSTs from Soybean
Mentor: David A. Dalton
I am honored to have been selected for this award, and am eager to begin work this summer. I look forward to work where the outcomes are not definite, and where new territory is being probed. This summer will undoubtedly provide an important learning experience, and I am thankful to the ASPB for providing this opportunity.

Joseph W. Foley, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Project: Positional Cloning of the APM1 Gene in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Mentor: Carolyn D. Silflow
This fellowship and the invitation to the ASPB's annual meeting represent an entrance into the scientific community. With luck, diligence, and this award, I hope to make great progress in my research project and contribute to plant biology while advancing my own understanding of the field. The ASPB has my most profound gratitude for this generous support and encouragement.

Arthur Millius, Rice University - Sid Richardson College
Project: Investigating how IBA β-oxidation affects auxin homeostasis in Arabidopsis
Mentor: Bonnie Bartel
When I learned about the ASPB fellowship, I jumped out of my chair and screamed from pure joy and exhilaration. I am so excited to continue my project on auxin homeostatsis, and thrilled to present my research at a national conference with experts in their field! ASPB SURF is such a unique opportunity for undergraduates to initiate and excel in research at an early age that I feel blessed to receive this award.

Russell A. Scott, Rochester Institute of Technology
Project: Acyl-homoserine lactone profiles of Agrobacterium vitis under various nitrogen and carbon conditions
Mentor: Michael A. Savka
The opportunity to continue research full-time this summer is most exciting. It will be very rewarding to study the effects of environment on bacterial signaling as 18 years of life on a farm have made me aware of pathology's role in agricultural expenditures and yields. Furthermore, I look forward to presenting our findings at an American Society of Plant Biologists conference. The process of researching, presenting, and learning from the input of my mentor and others should be highly informative and thought-provoking. I cordially thank my mentor and the American Society of Plant Biologists for this incredible honor and learning experience.

Noelle Wakefield, Chicago State University
Project: Promoter identification of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) β-amylase
Mentor: Joyce Ache Gana
I am extremely excited and pleased to receive an award from ASPB. I am sure that this opportunity will allow me to further my goals and aspirations. I want to thank ASPB and my mentor Dr. Gana for supporting my research and opening so many doors. Obtaining the structure of the β-amylase gene found in Medicago sativa will give me insight on the function of this gene. Hopefully, I will be able to inspire others to embark on a career in plant biology because plants are a vital part of our lives.

John Withers, Ohio University
Project: Investigation of a cytochrome P-450 protein in the roots of Arabidopsis thaliana, and its relationship to the Gravity Persistence Signal Loci (GPS)
Mentor: Sarah Wyatt
Participating in the ASPB Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program will be a great opportunity to enhance skills and knowledge that will undoubtedly be very useful in achieving my long-term goals as a plant biologist. I am looking forward to traveling to the ASPB Summer 2005 national meeting to share the results of my summer research project, and to investigate possible opportunities for graduate level studies. Thank you ASPB for helping to provide such an opportunity, I am honored to accept this fellowship.


Brian DeVree, Michigan Technological University
Project: Videographic Analysis of the Inhibited Locomotion of Diatom sp
Mentor: Michael Gretz

Cailie Burke-West, Trent University (Ontario, Canada)
Project: Spatial and temporal AQP gene expression in roots of pea (Pisum sativum)
Mentor: Neil Emery

Mallory Ann Havens, Knox College
Project: Rubisco and Rubisco activase levels in Soybeans grown in Increased Ozone and Carbon Dioxide Environments
Mentor: Robert Ewy

Stephanie L. Sadlon, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Project: Does the cauliflower gene make cauliflower?
Mentor: Thomas Björkman

Anna Trofka, Colorado State University
Project: Cloning and Characterization of an Arabidopsis Two-Component Responsive Promoter
Mentor: June Medford

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